LIFETIME VIP has been discontinued please click here for info.

VIP Apology

Guys first and foremost I want to thank everyone whos been my customer all these years. It has really been a dream come true doing this as a job the last few years.

However since I sold VIP, many bad things have happened on site and to my business which is making it impossible for me to continue.

Right when IMVU took over creator payments we all knew we were in trouble. I thought they may not pay me at all (they did but not after I sold VIP to 150 of my best customers). This cost me a ton of money! But being unsure of which way things were going I did it for insurance.

I talked to a higher up at IMVU (Matt the co-founder) and told him about what was happening with badges. Shortly after the call they introduced animated badges at double the cost LOOL and put a badge link in the shop. Basically I told him to do this to capitalize on the 'explosion' of badges which he knew nothing about.

Fast forward to today. Competition is more fierce than ever. People just make stickers for badge that dont exist, sell them, sometimes dozens at a time just taking money in without even having a product yet. Its gotten really dirty and I will not do these things to compete.

Also illegal things like contests, giveaways, sweepsteaks. If I do that IMVU will ban me instantly. Dont think so? They just had my facebook IMVU fan page taken down today for a trademark violation...why because they are paying me money every week and Im continuing to try and find ways to earn money. Which they do not like.

I hope you guys understand this is the last thing I wanted to do. But Im not lying when I say Im making 1/3 what I was 3.5 years ago. Im in trouble here, and I have to do this to survive. Otherwise I just will keep making very few badges that I lose money on, and will have zero passion for this (its been gone a long time now)

I am truly truly sorry and if anyone is really upset about this feel free to shoot me a message.